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Renal Artery Stenting

If arteries in the kidneys become narrowed (renal artery stenosis), this can eventually lead to high blood pressure, blood clots, or even kidney failure. To restore blood flow through the arteries, a vascular surgeon may implant a stent —a mesh tube that holds the walls of the blood vessel open. The stent is implanted through a flexible tube called a catheter that is inserted in a blood vessel and guided into the renal arteries. First, the catheter is used to perform an angioplasty—a balloon on the tip of the catheter is inflated to push open the narrowed artery. Then a folded-up stent is inserted into the vessel, springing open once in place.

Why Temple?

Temple’s vascular specialists have extensive experience performing therapeutic catheter procedures. Our surgical facilities are among the most extensive in the region, and we are leaders in techniques that may reduce discomfort and speed recovery.

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Temple’s vascular and endovascular surgeons offer hope to patients whose artery and vein conditions may threaten life and limb, helping them return to a good quality of life. Our experienced team of specialists uses open, hybrid and minimally invasive techniques to repair blood vessels and restore circulation, and has helped pioneer many of the methods now considered standards of care for aortic and vascular surgery.

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