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An esophagectomy is a common treatment for advanced esophageal cancer. It may also be recommended to certain individuals who have Barrett’s esophagus. During the procedure, your surgeon will remove the affected part of the esophagus (the tube that connects your mouth and stomach). Then, your surgeon will reconstruct the esophagus with parts of the stomach or another organ.

Today’s advances in esophagectomy offer several different treatment approaches. Surgery can be done as a laparoscopy or assisted with a robot. Traditional, open surgery may be recommended based on your individual condition. To determine the best approach for you, your doctor will order diagnostic testing, including:

  • Computerized topography (CT)

  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

  • Positron emission topography (PET)

  • PET/CT scan, an advanced imaging machine
  • Endoscopies

Recovering from esophagectomy can vary between individuals. Generally, you can expect to:

  • Stay overnight in the intensive care unit immediately after surgery.

  • Move to an inpatient room for seven days after surgery.

  • Have a six- to eight-week recovery that includes adjusting meals and sleeping positions.

  • Follow up with your surgeon two to four weeks after surgery.

Experience You Can Trust

Our multidisciplinary team of specialists works together to effectively treat and manage a wide range of digestive diseases, esophageal cancer and its related conditions such as Barrett’s esophagus. We are committed to stay on the cutting-edge of treatment options, from the latest and most technically complex procedures to custom-fit therapy for every patient’s unique needs.

At the Digestive Disease Center, our patients receive:

  • National recognition – Our team has received national recognition for its expertise in diagnosing and treating esophageal cancer.

  • Expert care – Our board-certified gastroenterologists see more than 13,000 patients every year. They offer unmatched insight and experience into helping patients manage their unique digestive disorder.

  • Advanced care – Our team of specialists works closely with surgeons, radiologists and oncologists to develop aggressive treatment plans that maintain a high quality of life for patients with advanced cancer.

  • State-of-the-art facilities – We offer advanced technology to diagnose, treat and manage complex digestive disorders.

  • Clinical trials – Part of a leading academic center, Temple physicians regularly participate in the latest research and clinical trials for digestive disorders. Our patients have the access and opportunity to take part in select trials that may be a good fit for their condition, disease and treatment plan.

  • Convenient locations – Patients have access to outstanding care at three locations in Greater Philadelphia, including Temple University Hospital, Temple Health Center City and Temple Health Fort Washington.

We are proud to be a regional leader in digestive disorders. You can expect innovative care that diagnoses, treats and manages your condition so you can live a full, healthy and active life.

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