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What to Expect

Bronchoscopic procedures are usually performed using sedation and local anesthesia. The anesthetic helps to numb and relax the muscles in the throat, allowing the doctor to pass the bronchoscope through the throat and into the lungs. During the procedure, you may feel mild pressure or tugging. This is caused by the bronchoscope moving through the airway.

Some patients feel like they are not able to breathe when the bronchoscope is inserted. However, even with the bronchoscope in the airway, you will be able to breathe without difficulty.

Due to the sedation, most patients do not remember bronchoscopic procedures.

Following the procedure, your cough reflex will take one or two hours to return. Until your ability to cough returns, you will not be allowed to eat or drink. Your throat may feel scratchy for a couple of days following the procedure.

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