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Medical Oncology

Facing a cancer diagnosis is scary. But knowing you have advanced, specialized treatment on your side can help ease your fears. At Temple, our medical oncologists specialize in using the latest medications and therapies to destroy cancer cells and keep them from growing, dividing and spreading.

Conditions Treated

Treatment Options

Medical oncology is part of a comprehensive approach to treating cancer. Medical oncologists treat cancer with drugs, which may be given by mouth or through your veins. Some cancers are treated with drugs alone, while in other situations they may be combined with radiation therapy or used before or after radiation or surgery. Medical oncologists work closely with surgeons, radiation oncologists and other specialists to provide the best treatment for your cancer. As part of your overall treatment plan, our medical oncologists recommend drugs that are most effective for your cancer, based on the type, its stage and your needs and goals. Options your oncologist may recommend can include drugs such as:

  • Chemotherapy — Uses drugs to destroy cancer cells

  • Hormone therapy — Uses hormones to slow or stop cancers that use hormones to grow

  • Targeted therapy — Uses drugs that target the specific genetic mutations that cause cancer

  • Immunotherapy — Uses drugs to help your immune system find and attack cancer

Your medical oncologist also collaborates with radiation oncologists and surgical oncologists to provide a comprehensive treatment plan that has the best chance to help you beat cancer.