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Exceptional Outcomes with Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction Using Endobronchial Valves in Patients with Advanced Emphysema

Temple has seen excellent initial outcomes with Bronchoscopic Lung Volume Reduction (BLVR) using the two types of FDA-approved endobronchial valves (EBVs) as clinical care for treatment of patients with severe emphysema. At 6 months post-procedure, 76% of treated patients increased FEV1 > 10%, 40% increased 6-minute walk distance > 26m, 96% improved quality of life (SGRQ > 4-point decreased total score), 83% had reduction in mMRC (> 1-point reduction) and RV/TLC decreased by 4% to 71%. In patients who attained 1-year post-procedure status, durability and magnitude of the treatment response was observed. At our center, in appropriately selected patients with severe emphysema and advanced hyperinflation, BLVR using EBVs improves physiological and functional outcomes and achieves — or even exceeds — the magnitude of benefits reported in randomized clinical trials.

#1 Lung Transplant Program in the Country

Temple University Hospital’s lung transplant program is the nation’s highest-volume lung transplant program, performing more procedures than any other hospital in the country in 2021. They also have the best 1-year survival outcomes than any other program in the region, and exceed national averages as reported by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR) in January 2022.

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Helping Shape the Future of COPD and Chronic Bronchitis Treatment

Gerard Criner, MD led several novel clinical trials in 2021 that may soon prove to be a breakthrough treatment for patients with COPD and chronic bronchitis. Early outcomes have been favorable in reducing symptoms in these patients. Learn more about the Gala Therapeutics RheSolve Study and SPRAY-BC for patients with chronic bronchitis, as well as targeted lung denervation for patients with COPD.

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