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Fundraising Priorities

Any gift to the Temple Lung Center makes a difference. If you are interested in learning about some of the areas of greatest need and opportunity, or simply want to discuss some options, please contact us.

A few specific fundraising priorities:

Pulmonary Education & Research Fund

The general support fund for the Temple Lung Center, making a donation to the Pulmonary Education and Research Fund provides financial support for training pulmonologists, engaging in research and other activities. Your gift allows Dr. Gerard Criner and his staff the flexibility to direct the funds to the area of greatest need and opportunity.

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Lung Disease Research Fund

Your gift to support the Cora & Emile Criner Lung Disease Research Fund provides support for many cutting-edge research projects, and provides resources to pilot new discoveries. The Temple Lung Center physician-scientists are constantly working on groundbreaking research and innovative technologies, leading to new cures and treatments.

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Thoracic Surgery Research & Education Fund

The Temple Lung Center performs some of the most complicated thoracic surgery procedures in the region. Our physicians and clinical staff are constantly improving these surgical capabilities, leading to better patient care and improved outcomes. Your gift ensures The Temple Lung Center can maintain best-in-class equipment and train on the newest technologies. Together we can ensure that if there is a surgical improvement in the field, it gets to Temple first.

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