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Celebrating Heart Failure Survivors

Our Wall of Survivors

They may have felt vulnerable. They may have been worried or scared. But when they trusted Temple Heart & Vascular Institute to care for them, we stepped in and gave them hope. They are survivors.

Celebrate the strength and courage of these heart failure survivors. Here are their inspiring messages:

This is a second beginning; this is a new chance at life.

Anthony Picinic, 2022
Anthony Picinic
Kevin Schwartz

A fresh new start in life to keep on going.

Kevin Schwartz, 2022

I got a beautiful heart.

Maurice Schofield, 2022
Maurice Schofield
Deborah Pastelyak

I feel so blessed to be able to spend more time with my grandchildren!

Deborah Pastelyak, 2022

It’s a miracle to have a second chance at life!

Barry Yoder, 2022
Barry Yoder
Norman Todd

Transplant means everything to me…and I mean everything.

Norman Todd, 2022

Even in the darkest hour in our lives, a little faith goes a long way. Today my body may have pain but tomorrow will be a better day. Thankful for the team at Temple for giving me another chance to have better days.

Jeffrey Perez, 2022
Jeffrey Perez
Harold Rutledge

I feel better today than I have in years. This is my second chance, and I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Harold Rutledge, 2022

It’s a new lease on life. It’s a whole new start for me.

Jahimel Forchion, 2022
Jahimel Forchion
Thomas Fennell

I’ve got a second chance at doing things right.

Thomas Fennell, 2022

Life is good.

Lewis Taft, 2022
Lewis Taft
Tamira Simon Dobb

The hands and the minds of this team at Temple will give you a second chance at life.

Tamira Simon Dobb, 2022

The staff here make me feel like I’m family. I couldn’t have asked for better care.

Michael Bacher, 2022
Michael Bacher
David Horsey

This is the best hospital and team ever!

David Horsey, 2022

No words can explain how grateful I am for the Temple team. I crossed the ocean in search of a cure. Temple has cured me. God bless the Temple team.

Hassan Kaissieh, 2022
Hassan Kaissieh
Miguel Rodriguez Medero

I'm very grateful. I have a second chance to live.

Miguel Rodriguez Medero, 2022

I'm grateful — now I can get back to preaching and teaching.

Herman Davis, 2022
Herman Davis
James Sweed

I feel so much better than I did before!

James Sweed, 2022

I thank you and bless you all!

Clariza Burgos, 2021
Clariza Burgos
Michael Dunn

My heart (pun intended) is incredibly full with thankfulness and gratitude to the donor, their family, and the doctors, nurses and support staff of Temple University Hospital. Thank you from someone who could never ever say thank you enough.

Michael Dunn, 2021

It hasn't been easy, but I haven't felt this good in years.

Randall Laubach, 2021
Randall Laubach, heart failure survivor
Delbert Loveless, heart failure survivor

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Delbert Loveless, 2021

This second chance in life with the gift of my new heart has changed certain views that I might have taken for granted. I now know that I'm graciously happy and thankful to have the chance to live my life after living with my illness for so long. Thank you, Temple!

Sol Rios, 2021
Sol Rios, heart failure survivor
Dante Distefano, heart failure survivor

Temple has given me hope and optimism for an uncertain future.

Dante Distefano, 2021

Having a new heart, it’s a GREAT feeling.

Mohamed Sowe, 2021
Mohamed Sowe, heart failure survivor

Temple kept me alive and I love my second chance!

Kenneth Hill, 2019

A hard time grows in a miracle, as you receive your new heart! With determination and courage, your new heart will settle into a new home.

Margaret Fattizzo, 2019

You cannot lose hope unless you let go of it!

William Jackson, 2019

Here is a miracle.

Angela Brown, 2019

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