Heart & Vascular Institute

Patient Support for Heart Conditions

It’s common to have questions about your heart condition and how it’s being treated. At Temple, we encourage you to share your questions and concerns with your doctors or nurses, but we understand that sometimes questions may come to mind at unlikely times.

To provide you with easy access to the information you need, when you need it, the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute has created a library of patient resources. Here you will find disease-specific guides, a list of support groups, links to additional medical information and more.

Understanding Heart & Vascular Disease

The best way to beat heart and vascular disease is to avoid it in the first place or catch it early. We encourage all of our website visitors to learn about the most common causes and symptoms of heart and vascular disease.

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Support Groups

We offer a variety of support groups to help you through your personal journey by connecting you with other people who are experiencing with a similar condition.

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Patient Guides and Education

Medical conditions affecting the heart bring with them many questions for patients and their family members. We’ve created a number of disease-specific guides to help explain these conditions, their symptoms, how they are diagnosed and how they are treated.

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Organ Donation

The need for organ donors has never been greater. Each year, thousands of people die while waiting for a transplant because no suitable donor can be found for them. You have the power to change that.

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Additional Resources

We want to help empower our patients to take control of their cardiovascular health through education and awareness. In this section we've listed easily accessible information from respected professional medical organizations.

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