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Treatment Options

Using advanced diagnostic tools like liver biopsy, Temple hepatologists do a thorough assessment to discover the cause and progression of liver failure. This helps us determine the best treatment for you.

Treatment options for liver failure include:

  • Medicine – If you have acute liver failure caused by an acetaminophen overdose or other poisoning, you will be treated in an intensive care unit with a medicine that stops or reduces liver damage. You doctors and care team will closely monitor your liver function to determine if the treatment is working or if a liver transplant is needed.
  • Liver transplant – When possible, doctors will try to prevent the need for a liver transplant by using newer drug, immune and nutrition therapies to save the parts of your liver that still function. When that no longer works, you will need a liver transplant to replace your liver with a healthy donated liver.

Our doctors deliver treatment for patients with liver failure through the Temple Liver Transplantation Program. Learn more about this specialty program.

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