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The first symptoms of liver failure can seem very common, and you may not realize your symptoms are caused by liver failure.

Common first symptoms include:

  • Fatigue – Doctors do not yet know the exact cause of extreme exhaustion in people with liver disease and liver failure. However, nutritional and sleep problems associated with impaired liver function likely play a role.
  • Nausea – As liver function deteriorates, pressure will build in the liver's blood vessels. This will cause fluid to accumulate in your abdomen, which often leads to nausea.
  • Loss of appetite – Nausea caused by fluid accumulation in your abdomen may lead to you having little or no desire to eat.

If you suspect your symptoms are due to liver failure, seek treatment now. Request an appointment with a Temple liver failure and disease specialist today.

As your liver shuts down, more serious symptoms develop. They include:

  • Confusion – Toxins will build up in your bloodstream because your liver can no longer process them. This will cause a loss of brain function called hepatic encephalopathy. The first sign of this is confusion.
  • Unconsciousness – As hepatic encephalopathy advances, unconsciousness and then coma occurs.

These symptoms require immediate care in the emergency room.