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Groin Injury

What Is a Groin Injury?

A groin injury is a common injury among athletes and active populations. It affects the adductor muscles, which are the muscles along the inner thigh. These muscles can become strained or pulled from sudden movements, such as jumping, quickly changing directions or kicking. Groin injuries are usually not severe, but can turn into a lingering injury that takes athletes (and non-athletes) a while to recover.


Symptoms of a groin injury include:

  • Pain – Pain tends to worsen during athletic activity and is most often felt along the inner thigh.

  • Swelling – The strain or pulled muscle can also cause minor swelling around the injury.

Treatment Options

Following an acute strain, a period of rest and icing the area is necessary. Following the initial injury, physical therapy or rehab exercises to work on stretching and strengthening the groin, hip and core muscles is needed to return to activities and reduce recurrent issues.

If your groin injury persists for a few days or weeks and continues to interfere with daily activities, schedule an appointment with an orthopedic or sports medicine provider. A specialist will work to understand the cause and extent of your injury. Together, you will create a treatment plan that helps relieve symptoms.

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