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Brain Injury

What Is a Brain Injury?

A brain injury may result when the head or body experiences a dramatic, violent blow. Also known as acquired brain injury (ABI) or traumatic brain injury (TBI), these injuries affect millions of Americans annually and cause a range of complications, including brain damage and even death.

The magnitude of brain damage depends on the cause and force of impact of the injury. Brought on by any sort of head injury, common causes include:

  • Automobile, motorcycle or bicycle accidents

  • Explosions, especially in areas of military combat

  • Falls

  • Sport-related injuries

  • Violence, such as physical abuse or gunshot wounds


Symptoms of TBI depend on the part of the brain affected, as well as the severity of the injury. Common symptoms include:

  • Head-focused problems — Headaches, dizziness and feelings of lightheadedness may set in.

  • Eyes, ears and mouth troubles — Blurred vision or enlarged pupils, an inability to rid oneself of a bad taste in the mouth or a ringing sound in the ears may indicate brain injury.

  • Difficulty processing — Coordination and speech become difficult.

  • Conscious issues — Loss of consciousness may occur and last up to a few hours or cause an inability to wake from sleep.

Treatment Options

Treatment for TBI depends on severity and includes:

  • Watchful waiting — Over-the-counter pain relievers and rest are typically sufficient for mild brain injuries. Worsened symptoms, however, may require additional medical attention.

  • Medications — Anti-seizure medications, diuretics or coma-inducing medications may be used, depending on the situation.

  • Surgery — Depending on the effects of the injury, surgeons may repair fractures in the skull, stop bleeding in the brain, remove blood clots or relieve pressure in the brain.

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