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Support Groups

Patients attend support group

Temple Health offers a variety of support groups to help you through your personal journey by connecting you with other people who are experiencing a similar condition. In addition to providing an environment that promotes emotional support and encouragement, our groups allow you and your family to share your experiences, your struggles and your triumphs in order to better cope with the new challenges you may be facing.

Bariatric Surgery Support Group

Meetings encompass pre- and post-surgery issues, as well as encouraging long-term weight loss maintenance.

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Burn Survivor Support Group

This monthly support group is attended by burn survivors at all stages of recovery — from current patients who are still in the burn unit to those undergoing outpatient rehabilitation or who have fully recovered.

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COPD Support Group

Hosted quarterly by specialists in the Temple Lung Center for COPD patients, friends and family.

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Heart Failure Support Group

Hosted by the Temple Heart & Vascular Institute for patients with heart failure share their experiences with others and learn more about their disease.

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Peer Support Group for Women with Heart Disease

This monthly group provides credible heart health information and social support for women at risk of or suffering from heart disease.

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Pulmonary Fibrosis Support Group

Get support and advice at the Temple Lung Center’s quarterly meeting for pulmonary fibrosis patients.

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Sarcoidosis Support Group

Held quarterly, this meeting connects you with others living with the disease, as well as with sarcoidosis specialists.

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Smoking Cessation Support Group

This weekly meeting will encourage you to quit smoking and commit to a smoke-free life.

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