Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus

Heading Home from Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus

What to Expect During Your Discharge from the Hospital

Your doctor will determine your discharge day, and the case management and social work staff will help you go back home or to another facility.

  • Your discharge day is planned from the day of your admission. Your entire medical team—doctors, nurses, case manager and social workers—all work to prepare you for discharge.
  • While you may not feel “tip top” when you are discharged, it is not beneficial for you to stay in the hospital any longer than necessary. It will be to your advantage to recover at home or at a rehabilitation facility.
  • If you need medications, your doctor will write a prescription for you.
  • Once your doctor has discharged you, please notify your family to arrange for transportation home as early in the day as possible. This will give you time to get settled at home, receive any needed equipment and fill your medication prescriptions.
  • Your nurse will give you discharge instructions written by your doctors. If you don’t understand any of the instructions, ask for them to be explained to you.
  • Patient education materials are specific to your health needs. These materials are provided during your hospital stay. You can ask for additional information from your nurse.
  • If your doctor orders home care or medical equipment, the case manager will arrange for the delivery to your home. You will receive a form with the contact names and phone numbers for these services.
  • Be sure that you understand all paperwork before you leave. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. We are here to help you.

Patient Feedback: Tell Us How We’re Doing

Jeanes Campus’s mission is to provide safe, high-quality health care to all of our patients. We deliver a wide range of high-quality and high-value inpatient and outpatient health services to our surrounding communities.

Your feedback is important to us. To measure our success, we may send you a patient satisfaction survey after you leave the hospital. Tell us if you feel we achieved our goal in providing you the care and services that deserve your highest rating. 

If there is anyone special you would like to mention because of the care that you received, please let us know in the comments section of the survey.

It is important that you notify your nurse or your unit’s nurse manager of any service issues during your stay. This will allow us to correct any problems you may be having.