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Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus

Volunteer at Jeanes Campus

Has Jeanes Campus been your family hospital for years? Are you looking for a way to be part of the Jeanes Campus team? You can experience personal growth by living the Jeanes Campus mission as a Volunteer or an Auxiliary member.

As a Volunteer, you'll offer your most valuable assets … your time and your experience. There's a vast variety of tasks that you can participate in, whether you enjoy interacting with patients, handling office work, or helping us live up to our customer service standards in other ways. If you have one hour a week to contribute, or if you'd like to spend more time with us, your efforts on the Jeanes Campus team will be vital.

To sign up as a Jeanes Campus Volunteer or to get more information, call 215-728-2131.

Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus Auxiliary

The Jeanes Campus Auxiliary is critical in the fund-raising efforts at Jeanes Campus. The Auxiliary's events allow Jeanes Campus to afford new technology and start new programs to better serve our community.

As a member of the Auxiliary, you can participate in fun and crucial fundraisers. The Auxiliary manages the hospital's gift shop located in the main lobby of Jeanes Campus.

For more information about membership in the Jeanes Campus Auxiliary, email us or call 215-728-2109.


Jeanes Campus Patient & Family Advisory Council

Jeanes Campus is looking for patients and family members to serve as advisors to help improve the experience, safety and quality of care at our hospital.

As a Patient and Family Advisory Council member, you’ll help shape change throughout the hospital, participate in forming policies and procedures, improve patient safety, design a more welcoming environment, create educational materials and review forms, and promote strong communication among families and care providers.

To learn more about the Patient and Family Advisory Council, please call Delinda Pendleton at 215-728-2660.