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Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus

Financial Responsibility

When you are admitted to Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus, you will sign papers accepting financial responsibility for hospitalization. You will be asked to present your insurance cards and to authorize the assignment of your insurance benefits. It is important to provide complete and accurate insurance information to avoid billing errors.

This information will be sent to the hospital’s business office for billing. The same information will be sent to a professional billing service to bill for physicians’ services (which are separate from the hospital’s charges).

If you do not have insurance coverage, or if your insurance does not cover the service provided, you will be billed directly. You may need to pay a deposit at the time of your admission, as determined by your medical/hospital coverage or other insurance; the type of medical services you need; your expected length of stay and whether you have requested a private room. You can pay the deposit with cash, a personal check or credit card (MC/VISA/DISCOVER).

Billing Information

Increasingly complex health insurance forms and requirements, along with the many clinical services you may receive during your hospital visit, can make your hospital bill seem confusing.

Please be aware that you will receive a bill from the hospital which will include charges for the use of hospital facilities, supplies, equipment and technical personnel, but it will not include physician fees.

You will receive another bill from a physician or physician group for diagnosis, treatment, supervision of the care provided and/or the physician’s role in performing, analyzing or interpreting your test results. These bills may include services in anesthesiology; cardiac, pulmonary or neurological diagnostic studies, including EEG or EKG, stress tests, etc.; pathology services, such as clinical lab studies; and radiology. Although technicians take many of these tests, your results must be interpreted by a specialist – usually a private physician – who charges a consulting fee to make a report to your doctor.

If you are seen or admitted through the Emergency Department, you will receive a bill for professional services from the Emergency Department physician group. If other services, such as X-rays or lab studies are required, you will receive separate bills for these as well.

You may receive other bills from your family doctor or admitting physician and from any consultant whom he/she has asked to see you.

Questions About Your Bills

If you have any questions or concerns about your hospital or physician bill, we are glad to answer them for you. Please call:

  • Customer Service: 888-336-5897

Charity Care Policy

Do you think you may have trouble paying your hospital bill? The Temple University Health System has a charity care policy that covers all of its hospitals. The policy ensures consistency throughout the System when it comes to patients who do not have the ability to pay all or part of their medical bills. For more information about our charity care policy, call 215-707-3711.