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Internal Medicine

Won Hee Kim, MD

Won Hee Kim

Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

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Dr. Won Hee Kim, MD

6816 Castor Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19149


Selected Publications

Kim BS, Markus B, Jallo J: Thoracoscopic Sympathectomy. Jandial R, McCormick P, and Black p (eds): Essential Techniques in Operative Neurosurgery. Philadelphia: Elsevier (in print).

Kim BS, Jallo J: Intracranial pressure monitoring and management of raised intracranial pressure. Loftus C (ed): Neurosurgical Emergencies, 2nd edition. American Association of Neurological Surgery: New York: Thieme: 2008 : pp 1l -26.

Kim BS, Sandhu F, Perez-Cruet M, Refai D, Fessler RG: Surgical approaches to craniocervical junction and the upper cervical spine. Frymoyer J and Wiesel S (eds): The Adult and Pediatric Spines, 3rd edition. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins: 2004: Vol. 2 pp 753-759.

Perez-Cruet M, Kim BS, Sandhu F, Fessler RG: Minimally invasive spine surgery: Thoracic update. Haid RW, Subach BR, and Rodts GE (eds) : Progress in Neurological Surgery: Advances in spine stabilization. Karger 2003:16: 266-276.

Kim BS, Roonprapunt C, Lamarca, Kothbauer K, Jallo GL, Epstein F : The current management of intraranial ependymoma in children. Annals of Neurosurg. 2002: 2(3): 1-10.

Jallo GL, Kim BS, Epstein F : The current management of Intramedullary spinal cord tumor in children and young adults. Annals of Neurosurg. 2001: 1(1): 1-10.