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Peter A. McCue, MD


Anatomic Pathology

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About Me
  • 2024 Philadelphia Magazine Top Doctors
  • 1973 Graduate with Distinction in Chemistry, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
  • 1973 Summa Cum Laude, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina

Office Locations

Fox Chase Cancer Center

333 Cottman Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19111

Phone: 888-369-2427


PET imaging of urothelial bladder cancer: addressing an unmet need

Mathe Thakur, Leonard Gome/la, Sushi/ Tripathi, Ebru Salmanoglu, Scott Keith, William Kelly, ean Hoffman-Censits, Charles lntenzo, Sung Kim, Peter Mccue, Edouard Trabulsi Publication date
Journal: Journal of Nuclear Medicine Volume 60
Issue Supplement 1
Pages 502-502

DACH gene deletion extends portraits of human prostate cancer

Xuannmao Jiao, Gabriele Di Sante, Zhiping Li, Agnese Di Rocco, Min Wang, Adam Ertel,
Peter    McCue, Andrew P South, Carlos Cordon-Cardo, Matthew P Stokes, Marco Marra, Steven J Jones, Andrew l Publication date :2019/7/1 Source: Cancer Research Vo/um 79
Issue 1 Supplement
Pages 730-1730

Patient derived models reveal impact of the tumor microenvironment on therapeutic response

Ayesha A Shafi, Matthew J Schiewer, Renee de Leeuw, Emanuela Dylgjeri, Peter A McCue, Neelima Shah, Leonard Gomella, Costas Lallas, Edouard Trabulsi, Margaret Centerera, Theresa Hickey, Lisa Butler, Ganesh Raj, Wayne Tilley, Edna Cukierman, Karen Knudsen
Publication date: 2019/7/I  Source:Cancer Research

PET imaging urothelial bladder cancer: A novel approach.

Mathew L Thakur, Leonard G Gomella, Sushi! K Tripathi, Ebru Salmanoglu, Scott W Keith, William Kevin Kelly, Jean H Hoffman-Censits, Sung Kim, Charles M lntenzo, Peter McCu , Edouard John Trabulsi
Publication date: 2020/2/20
Sourc : Journal of Clinical Oncology Volume 38
Issue 6_suppl; 443-443

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