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Advanced Heart Failure & Transplantation

Jamael Hoosain, MD

Jamael Hoosain
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Advanced Heart Failure and Transplantation

About Me
About Me

Office Locations

Temple Heart & Vascular Institute

Temple University Hospital – Main Campus

3509 N. Broad Street

Boyer Pavilion, 4th Floor

Philadelphia, PA 19140


Temple Health Oaks

450 Cresson Boulevard

Oaks Corporate Center, Suite 200

Phoenixville, PA 19460

Phone: 800-TEMPLE-MED

Fax: 610-650-5149

Digital Bibliography
Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Hoosain, J., Hankins, S.R. Time is a precious commodity: 2018 OPTN policy change and the potential to lower heart transplant waitlist time in the sickest patients. Current Cardiology Reports. 2019, Jun 20;21(7):67. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 31222517. Pub Status: Published.

Hoosain, J., Whittier, J., Hasni, F., Hankins, S.R. The Initial Evaluation and Management of a Patient with Heart Failure. Current Cardiology Reports. 2017, Oct; 19(10): 103. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 28879633. Pub Status: Published.

Peer Reviewed Online Publication

Timofeeva O.A., Alvarez R., Pelberg J., Yoon E., Alsammak M., Geier S.S., Ruggia-Check C., Hassler J., Hoosain J., Brisco M.A., Afari-Armah N., Rakita V., Brann S., Keshavamurthy S., Gomez-Abraham J., Minakata K., Toyoda Y., Hamad E. Serum dilutions as a predictive biomarker for peri-operative desensitization: An exploratory approach to transplanting sensitized heart candidates. Transplant Immunology. 2020 Mar 4:101274. Cited in PubMed; PMID: 32142756 doi: 10.1016/j.trim.2020.101274.; Pub Status: Published

Arustamyan, M., Hoosain, J., Mattson, J., Hasni, S., Cho, S., and Kiliddar, P. Loeffler Endocarditis: A Manifestation of Hypereosinophilic Syndrome. Cardiovascular Imaging Case Reports. (2019) Doi: 10.1016/j.case.2019.10.008; Pub Status: In Press

Hoosain, J., Fisher, P., McCaffrey, J., Lee, R., Hasni, S.F., Kohut, A. The Use of Contrast Echocardiography to Identify Infiltrating Lymphoma in the Myocardium; Case Blog: Int J Clin Med Imaging, 2(8). (2015)  Doi:10.4172/2376-0247.1000364; Pub Status: Published.

Published Abstracts

Hoosain, J., Romero-Nunez, C.M. Al-Otaibi, M., Toyoda, Y., Hamad, E. Capitalizing on Missed Opportunities: An Internal Retrospective Review of Heart Transplant Donor Selection. Published Abstract. Sol Sherry Research Symposium 2020 Supplemental. (27) 41 (2020). Pub Status: Published.

Arif, A., Collier, C., Hoosain, J., Kaoukis, R., Mishra, S., Rakita, V., Lee, I., Abdelwahab, D. Renal Outcomes and Incidence of Kidney Injury after Cardiac Transplantation Published Abstract. Sol Sherry Research Symposium 2020 Supplemental. (1) 15 (2020). Pub Status: Published.

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Patel, N., Khieu, M., Hoosain, J., Zhang, S., Kohut, A., Ledley, G.. Cardiovascular Imaging For Single Coronary Arterial Trunk Arising From The Right Aortic Sinus. Drexel Med Journal, 11(1), 54. (2017). Pub Status: Published.

Drabina-Dombrowski,V., Singh, D., Stempniewicz, P., D’Mello, K., Hoosain, J.. Retrospective Review of Chest Pain Rule Out Admissions: Ability to Discharge in a Timely Manner. Drexel Med Journal, 10(1),14 (2016). Pub Status: Published.

Singh, D., Stempniewicz, P., Drabina-Dombrowski, V., Kumar, S., Johannesen, J., Masri, A., D’Mello, K., Hoosain, J.. Evaluation of Factors Affecting Timely Discharges: A Retrospective Review of Observation Patients Admitted with Chest Pain. Drexel Med Journal, 10(1), 12. (2016). Pub Status: Published.

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