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Melinda's Story

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Melinda N. was having trouble swallowing and often choked on her food during meals. A visit to her family doctor and a swallowing test showed that her Zenker's Diverticulum surgery from many years ago had not only left her with a large scar on her neck, but also scar tissue inside her throat. Melinda again faced surgery. Her doctor suggested that her best option would be treatment at tertiary-care center. She did her research and chose the Temple Head & Neck Institute.

At the Temple Head & Neck Institute, Melinda found an academic-level of care not available where she lived. Her surgeon was able to perform a minimally invasive procedure, an innovative approach that minimized scarring and allowed for a quick recovery.

After her first follow-up visit with her surgeon, Melinda was given a clean bill of health. No medications necessary. No therapy needed. And most important, Melinda's choking and swallowing issues are behind her.