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Marisol's Story

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Bariatric Surgery

Marisol entered the Temple Health Bariatric Program at 240 pounds. Eight months later — and only 4 months after her weight-loss surgery — she’s lost 65 pounds.

“I wasn’t really concerned about my weight until I started getting cortisone shots in my back,” she says. “It’s like I needed to be uncomfortable to start making meaningful changes in my life.”

Marisol works a demanding office job that requires 10-hour days and an hour-long commute. This high-stress atmosphere inevitably derailed her weight-loss attempts.

Health problems began piling up

Marisol’s only coping mechanism for her stressful life became sugary snacks, which were ruining her health and weight. Her unhealthy behaviors redirected in her daughters’ eating habits as well.

She was put on medication for high blood pressure and had to take ibuprofen every day for chronic back pain — on top of cortisone shots. She also used an asthma inhaler regularly and a CPAP machine to help her sleep.

Depression set in and it was deepening by the day. “I got tired of being tired,” she says.

A turning point

Things finally began to change when Marisol attended an informational seminar presented by Temple Health’s Bariatric Program. A co-worker went through the program a year earlier and had a positive experience.

Upon entering the program, the changes began to come incrementally. Marisol had help from Temple’s doctors and support staff every step of the way.

“A dietitian was at all of my appointments, so I had to start making changes,” Marisol says. “I was drinking 3 cans of soda a day, which I cut back gradually. With each appointment, I saw improvement.”

Results that impacted her entire family

Marisol is a changed woman after receiving bariatric surgery.

Surgery was next and today Marisol is a changed woman. She no longer takes blood pressure medication or ibuprofen. She’s also stopped using the CPAP machine and her asthma inhaler.

“I’m not depressed anymore, either,” she says. “My coping skills are much better now thanks to what Temple taught me. I’m able to focus and remain calm. I’m not running to the snack drawer at the first sign of trouble.”

Her 3 daughters have also benefited from Marisol’s changes. “By me changing, it’s also changed my daughters’ eating habits,” Marisol says.

I live minutes from another hospital that does bariatric surgery, but I’ve never thought about going anywhere other than Temple.


The chance to be a positive example for her daughters was a big part of Marisol’s motivation to seek help. She feels fortunate to have discovered Temple Health.

“I live minutes from another hospital that does bariatric surgery, but I’ve never thought about going anywhere other than Temple,” she says. “Everyone who’s a part of this program has been great. They’ve listened to every concern I’ve had and always supported me.”

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