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Janet's Story

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Speech Therapy

As a teacher, Janet’s voice is crucial for classroom success. “My voice has to be clear and reliable and for about two weeks I started having very, very poor voice quality and something had to be done to fix it,” Janet recalls.  She had sought care from her family doctor for asthmatic issues but no medication was helping the voice strain and hoarseness.

Through a local ENT who had treated her children, Janet was referred to Ahmed Soliman, MD, of the Temple Head & Neck Institute, who specializes in the larynx and vocal cord issues. 

“I was pleasantly surprised that I could see Dr. Soliman at Temple University Hospital – Jeanes Campus in Northeast Philadelphia, only 15 minutes from where I lived. Having the suburban and satellite offices is very convenient,” says Janet.

From the first appointment with Dr. Soliman, Janet said he was attentive and patient. “Dr. Soliman is personable. He discusses my condition with me, doesn't just ramble medical findings to me,” she adds.

Through dietary modifications and a prescribed daily antacid, Janet says the medical direction of Dr. Soliman resolved her issue.  “No surgery was needed,” she adds.

Complimentary Therapy, Convenient Location

To complement her care, Dr. Soliman recommended speech therapy with at-home practice. “I had four sessions with Katie Moran, my speech pathologist, who is very patient and encouraging. I also appreciated I could schedule my sessions right in the same office where I see Dr. Soliman. It was very convenient and easy,” Janet continues.

Janet enjoys spending time with her husband of 27 years and their three children. She has four cats and likes to vacation at the Jersey shore.

She says she is grateful to both Katie and Dr. Soliman who put her at ease during appointments. “I would especially recommend Dr. Soliman to a prospective patient. He has a nice demeanor, makes a person feel at ease even when he's putting a long scope down your throat,” says Janet.

She is also equally impressed with the entire Temple Health experience.

“Temple is a teaching hospital, with satellite offices located all over the city and suburbs. I had very good care and great results,” Janet says. “I would definitely recommend the Temple Head and Neck team.”