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AARC News Interviews Hernan Alvarado, Patricia Evans and Stephen Biehl about Expanding Bronchoscopy into ORs and Embracing Race Neutral Approach for Lung Function Measurements

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AARC News interviewed Hernan Alvarado Jr., MBA, RRT, RPFT, Associate Vice President of Respiratory Care, Bronchoscopy and Pulmonary and Sleep Diagnostics at Temple University Health System; Patricia A. Evans, RRT, CPFT, Manager of the Pulmonary Function Lab and the Bronchoscopy/Pulmonary Rehab Program at Temple University Hospital; and Stephen Biehl, RRT, RPFT, Respiratory Therapist and Supervisor of the Pulmonary Function Lab and Pulmonary Rehabilitation at TUH, about expanding bronchoscopy services into operating rooms and embracing a race neutral approach for the interpretation of lung function measurements.