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Should You Worry About Fainting?

Passing out usually isn't something to be concerned about, but sometimes it's a sign of a serious heart condition.

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When You Have Cancer and Heart Disease

There must be a balance between treating both heart disease and cancer. That's where cardio-oncologists come in.

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Heart Care for the Working Philly Woman — Lessons from the Road

Dr. Deborah Crabbe recommends that all women be familiar with these essential takeaways to keep their heart healthy.

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A Quick Guide to Understanding Heart Transplantation

They say that knowledge is power, so check out this post to learn all about heart transplant surgery.

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Cardiac Devices Get Smaller & Smaller

Designing and building smaller medical implants isn’t a new idea. Patients have already benefited in major ways.

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Organ Donation: The Greatest Gift, at the Hardest Time

To those patients who lost their lives and chose organ donation, and to their families, we say thank you.

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Just a Cold?

When you have heart disease, routine illnesses can be anything but routine. Learn what to do if you get a cold or flu.

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Pulmonary Thromboendarterectomy (PTE): Complicated-Sounding Procedure for a Complicated-Sounding Disease

A complicated-sounding procedure for a complicated-sounding disease. Dr. Vaidya explains this advanced treatment.

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Why Participate in Clinical Trials — Aren't They Risky?

Have you ever wondered about the clinical trials on which medication, medical device and other therapies are approved?

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