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When Blood Pressure is Hard to Control, Extra Help Is Needed

Sometimes, despite taking medications and making lifestyle changes, blood pressure can remain high. That’s called resistant hypertension, and it means it’s time to get expert answers.

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Can Diabetes Cause Heart Disease?

Many times you can avoid, or at least delay, diabetes-related heart disease.

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Is It Stress, Anxiety, or AFib?

Anxiety and atrial fibrillation share some similar symptoms — learn how to tell the difference.

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Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring: Should You Get a Scan?

CT calcium scoring can show you what’s really going on with your heart — and if it is time to take action.

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Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the leading killer of adults in the U.S. Learn how you can prevent it or find it early, when treatment is best.

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Is It Heart Failure?

The earlier heart failure is diagnosed and treated, the better.

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8 Facts About High Cholesterol

Find out why regular cholesterol checks are essential to maintain your heart health.

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When Should I Worry About an Irregular Heartbeat?

Some arrhythmias are not serious, but others need a doctor’s attention.

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Are There More Heart Attacks During the Holidays?

Learn why heart attacks often spike during the holiday season and what you can do to lower your risk.

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