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Can Cancer Cause Heart Disease?

Heart damage that occurs as a side effect of cancer treatment is known as cardiotoxicity, and it can happen during treatment or years after. Learn how we help to protect your heart.

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Waiting for a Heart Transplant? Answers to Your Questions

Once you’re on the heart transplant waiting list, you might be wondering what comes next. Dr. Eman Hamad answers some common questions about wait time and how to take care of yourself.

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Living With a VAD: How Your Daily Routine Changes

Advanced heart failure makes it hard to live an active life. Dr. Hamad explains how living with a ventricular assist device changes your daily routine so that doing things you love becomes possible again.

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Helping More Patients Qualify for a Heart Transplant

At Temple, we don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to transplantation. Learn about our expanded heart transplant criteria to help more patients qualify and why we're a nationally recognized leader in transplantation.

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Heart Failure: How to Cope with Your Emotions

Emotional support can help you cope with a heart failure diagnosis. Dr. Eman Hamad explains how.

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When You Have Cancer and Heart Disease

There must be a balance between treating both heart disease and cancer. That's where cardio-oncologists come in.

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Q&A: Making a Decision about Heart Transplantation

They say that knowledge is power, so check out this post to learn all about heart transplant surgery.

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