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When Blood Pressure is Hard to Control, Extra Help Is Needed

Sometimes, despite taking medications and making lifestyle changes, blood pressure can remain high. That’s called resistant hypertension, and it means it’s time to get expert answers.

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Are You at Risk for Heart Disease?

Heart disease is the leading killer of adults in the U.S. Learn how you can prevent it or find it early, when treatment is best.

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Are There More Heart Attacks During the Holidays?

Learn why heart attacks often spike during the holiday season and what you can do to lower your risk.

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Heart Attack Symptoms: Are They Different for Men and Women?

Men and women are both at risk for a heart attack. But signs of a heart attack in women are often different. Dr. Daniel Edmundowicz explains the symptoms women need to know and not ignore.

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Do Blood Pressure Meds Cause a Greater COVID-19 Risk?

You take an ACE inhibitor or ARB to lower your blood pressure. But you've heard it puts you at greater risk for COVID-19. Dr. Daniel Edmundowicz shares the latest research and what you should do.

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Manage Your Blood Pressure to Stay Healthy and Stay Home

High blood pressure can make illness hit you harder than most. Boost your health with this checklist and avoid doctor visits and trips to the ER.

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Should You Worry About Fainting?

Passing out usually isn't something to be concerned about, but sometimes it's a sign of a serious heart condition.

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Just a Cold?

When you have heart disease, routine illnesses can be anything but routine. Learn what to do if you get a cold or flu.

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Why Participate in Clinical Trials — Aren't They Risky?

Have you ever wondered about the clinical trials on which medication, medical device and other therapies are approved?

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