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Oculoplastic Surgery

Oculoplastic surgery is a specialized field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery that concentrates on the eyelids, orbital bones, tear ducts, face and brow. These delicate procedures can restore proper function of the lids and tear film to protect and lubricate the eye while also improving appearance.

Oculoplastic surgery can be performed for many reasons, but most are related to trauma and injuries.

  • Orbital fracture repair may be necessary to remove bone fragments and restore the integrity of the bones around eyeball, disentangle ocular muscles and relieve double vision or a sunken appearance of the eye.
  • Facial fracture repairs require the surgeon to reposition broken bones or reconstruct the area. The surgeon may need to repair nerves and/or transplant soft tissue and bone. This is often done with the help of other facial plastic surgeons.
  • Facial reconstruction surgery can repair damage to the face caused by trauma, cancer treatment or birth defects. To reconstruct the face, surgeons may transplant soft tissue and bone from another area of the body to achieve a balanced facial appearance, or they may use synthetic implants. This is often done with the help of other facial plastic surgeons.

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