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Gender Affirmation Hormone Therapy

Gender affirmation hormone therapy is medicine prescribed to help a person gain the outward characteristics that match their gender identity. It is the most common medical choice for transgender, transfeminine nonbinary and transmasculine nonbinary individuals who want to change their physical characteristics. It may be used alone or along with gender affirmation surgery.

Therapy methods include pill, injection, patch or cream, and the method prescribed depends on your gender affirmation goals and health history.

Choosing gender affirmation hormone therapy is an important, life-changing decision. If you're thinking about having this treatment, you should learn everything you can before you begin. You should also know that it may take years of treatment for you to get where you want to be and that there are significant health considerations that come with hormone therapy, including the possible impact on your future fertility. You and your doctor will discuss all potential outcomes before you begin treatment.

Once you begin treatment, you will keep regular appointments with your doctor to check changes in your appearance and health.

Feminizing Hormone Therapy

Transgender women and transfeminine nonbinary individuals are given testosterone blockers and the female hormone estrogen. These medicines decrease the male hormone testosterone and bring on female secondary sex characteristics such as fuller breasts, wider hips, less muscle mass, and minimal facial and body hair.

Masculinizing Hormone Therapy

Transgender men and transmasculine nonbinary individuals are given the male hormone testosterone. This decreases the female hormone estrogen, stops the menstrual cycle and brings on male secondary sex characteristics such as thicker facial and body hair, larger muscles, and a deeper voice.

Expert Care

Gender affirmation hormone therapy at Temple is provided by experienced clinicians who are medical and academic leaders in their fields. These specialists, who understand the effects of hormone therapy on the body, are here to guide you throughout your journey. Temple Health also offers access to support services like voice therapy so you can feel confident about your decision.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation recognizes Temple University Hospital as a LGBTQ Healthcare Equality Leader. This designation is given to healthcare facilities that foster a welcoming environment and equal care for LGBTQ patients, visitors and staff through its policies and services.

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