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Eyelid Tumor Excision, Reconstruction & Tear Duct Surgery

Eyelid tumor excision and reconstruction are surgical procedures to remove cancerous growths on the eyelid and return the functionality and appearance of the eyelid to normal. Tear duct surgery is designed to correct either overly dry or watery eyes, which can be caused by dry eye tear duct blockages.

The eyelids and tear ducts serve important purposes that help protect the eyeball, and by extension, vision. Medical issues that develop in the eyelid and the tear ducts include:

  • Eyelid growths. If cancer is detected, the growth must be removed immediately.
  • Tear duct obstruction. This condition can affect how the tear duct drains tears from the ocular surface, causing a backup of tears which can result in tearing and blurry vision.

Surgical intervention is used to remove eyelid growths, reconstruct the eyelid following growth removal, if needed, and repair tear ducts.

During one form of eyelid surgery called a Mohs procedure, an ophthalmologist will remove the growth along with a small amount of healthy skin on all sides in order to ensure the cancer is fully removed. Pathologists will examine the edges of the removed tissue during surgery to ensure that all of the cancer has been removed. Once the tumor has been removed, the surgeon reconstructs the eyelid. Eyelid reconstruction can involve suturing loose eyelid skin together, or transferring skin from other areas of the eyelid, face or body. All reconstructions aim for both a good cosmetic and functional result.

If the tear duct is blocked, ophthalmologists need to restore the tear duct function. One procedure to do this is called a dacryocystorhinostomy, or DCR. In this surgery, the surgeon makes a new tear duct by connecting the eyelid and the nose with a small, flexible plastic tube. The surgeon threads the tube through the eyelid into the new duct and the nose so that the opening won’t scar closed. After some weeks, the tube can be removed and the new tear duct should remain open.

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