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Congenital Heart Disease Surgery

About one percent of people are born with an inherited (congenital) heart defect; many are not serious or may be treated during childhood. However, others go undiagnosed or only become serious with age. Patients who have required correction of congenital heart defects in childhood may require additional cardiac surgery procedures as adults.

Conditions Treated

Treatment Options

Temple performs procedures to treat numerous types of congenital defects, including removing excess tissue from patients with a weak and oversized heart (hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), sewing or grafting of holes or other structural defects in the walls between heart chambers (such as atrial-septal defect), or pacemaker implantation for arrhythmias. Often, surgical and interventional techniques can repair an inherited heart problem or reduce the chances of it progressing further.

Why Temple?

Temple cardiovascular surgeons often utilize minimally invasive approaches that may have reduced impact on the body and result in faster recovery and shorter length of stay.

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