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Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis

Catheter-Directed Thrombolysis (EKOS) uses a combination of drugs and ultrasound waves to break up or dissolve major blood clots that cause pulmonary embolism. Using the EKOS EndoWave Infusion Catheter System®, Temple interventionists can restore blood flow and limit damage to the patient’s lungs, and potentially heart or brain. A special tube called a catheter is guided through the blood vessels to the site of the blockage and used to deploy powerful clot-busting drugs. At the same time, the catheter emits high-frequency ultrasound pulses that help the drugs work faster. This targeted therapy allows for a smaller drug dose and faster treatment, and may reduce potential side effects like bleeding.

Conditions Treated

Why Temple?

Temple University Hospital is the only hospital in the Philadelphia area equipped to perform this procedure for certain conditions like blood clots in the lungs. We have an experienced and skilled staff of specialists in cardiovascular medicine and catheter-based procedures, and one of the region’s most extensive catheter laboratories. The ability to treat serious blood clots as quickly as possible using this advanced treatment procedure may lessen damage and improve a patient’s chance of survival.

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