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Anterior Hip Replacement

What Is Anterior Hip Replacement?

An anterior hip replacement is a relatively new surgical alternative to traditional hip replacement surgery. Your orthopaedic surgeon makes a single, 4-inch incision on the front of your hip instead of on your back or side. This approach has the potential to reduce pain, quicken your recovery time and improve your mobility.

The anterior approach is known as a “tissue-sparing procedure” because your surgeon works between the muscles and tissues without detaching them from the hip or thighbones. This spares those tissues from trauma and reduces damage. Traditional hip replacements require cutting or disturbing the important muscles at the side or back of the leg.

Who Qualifies for Anterior Hip Replacement?

The anterior approach to hip replacement may be considered for patients who:

  • Are not significantly overweight
  • Live active lifestyles
  • Have no pre-existing hardware or severe deformity

The anterior approach is not recommended for patients who are obese or have prior surgical hardware in place.

What Are the Benefits of Anterior Hip Replacement?

Compared with traditional hip replacement surgery, the benefits of having anterior hip replacement surgery include:

  • Less pain
  • Faster and easier recovery time
  • Fewer restrictions on activity during recovery
  • Lower risk of hip dislocation after surgery
  • Increased mobility

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