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Transplant Program

Liver Transplant Program

If you or a loved one is living with chronic, end-stage liver failure, a liver transplant may be the best treatment option. At Temple, our Liver Transplant Program is home to some of the nation’s foremost liver specialists who offer a seamless and patient-focused stream of care. Our team helps to ensure that you get the support you need to live a longer life.

Finding Options to Improve Your Liver Health

When you choose Temple for your liver care, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation and a customized treatment plan that includes supportive therapy, consultations for related conditions, and consideration for transplant. You will benefit from our decades of experience in caring for patients with chronic liver diseases, including hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease and liver cancer as well as those suffering from drug toxicity or a rare metabolic disorder.

Our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team employs the most advanced techniques to help you feel well again. We are also equipped to perform dual-organ transplants in patients who need to have more than one organ replaced, helping to reduce the need for multiple surgeries. For liver failure patients who do not require or are not candidates for a transplant, we offer a variety of short- and long-term treatment options, including novel drug treatments, nonsurgical interventions, new radiologic approaches and other forms of surgery.

Skilled Specialists, Customized Care

  • Our team of surgeons, hepatologists, oncologists, radiologists and pre- and post-transplant coordinators has decades of experience in providing care for seriously ill patients, from initial evaluation to post-transplant care. We strive to make sure you get all the support—clinical, emotional and logistical—that you need to resume a longer, healthier life.

  • We approach each patient case from a multispecialty perspective, considering all possible treatment options in order to choose the best course of action for you. If you are not a candidate for transplant, we will work to identify the best short- and long-term solutions for you.

  • Our team will help you navigate the entire transplant process, managing your health before, during and after the procedure, including tailored treatments to address your specific health needs.