Transplant Program

Conditions & Treatments

Conditions Treated

Conditions that may require a pancreas transplant include:

  • Diabetes
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Chronic pancreatic insufficiency
  • Removal of the pancreas due to trauma or certain tumors


Treatment Options

Temple's pancreas transplant team offers four types of transplantation for patients:

  • Simultaneous pancreas-kidney (SPK) transplant – the most common type of pancreas transplant, usually for patients with diabetes with failed or failing kidneys
  • Pancreas after kidney (PAK) transplant – a procedure performed to prevent damage to the new kidney, usually for patients with diabetes
  • Pancreas-alone transplant – a rare procedure, usually for patients with uncontrollable diabetes, which may be referred to as "hypoglycemic unawareness" or "brittle diabetes"
  • Simultaneous lung-pancreas transplant