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Temple hematologists treat anemias, bleeding disorders, thromboembolic (clotting) disorders and hematological malignancies (blood and bone marrow cancers). 

We work closely with the Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center, which conducts frontline research on blood clots and bleeding disorders. Our physicians – some of whom are considered experts in their field – participate in clinical research at the Sol Sherry Thrombosis Research Center. This research helps the team develop a deeper understanding of bleeding and clotting disorders, and paves the way for new therapies to help patients with these disorders. 

Conditions Treated

The Temple Health hematology team treats most blood and bone marrow conditions, including: 

Treatment Options

Our physicians and staff offer high-tech care in a warm, friendly environment. 

We offer the following treatment options for blood and bone marrow conditions:

  • Blood transfusions – Where donor blood is circulated intravenously throughout your body to give the body needed blood cells or platelets

  • Blood-thinning medications – Medicines that help prevent blood clots

  • Bone marrow transplant – Transplanting healthy donor bone marrow in people with blood cancers

  • Chemotherapy – Medications given intravenously (by IV) or orally (by mouth) to treat blood cancers

  • Factor concentrates – Intravenous infusions of donated human plasma to boost your clotting factors

  • Fresh frozen plasma – Donated plasma given to boost your blood’s clotting factors and blood proteins

  • Hormonal contraceptives – Can help with heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Immune system-suppressing medications – Medications that stop the body from destroying its own cells

  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs) – A birth control device that is inserted into the uterus, which can help control heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Platelet transfusions – When healthy donor platelets are circulated into your blood intravenously

  • Radiation therapy – Treatment that uses radiation to destroy cancer cells in people with blood cancers

  • Synthetic hormone injections – Can stimulate blood cell production in the body

  • Vitamin supplements – Can be given orally or by injection

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