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Vision Loss

What Is Vision Loss?

Vision loss is the partial or total loss of vision. This loss can happen gradually or abruptly. Total loss (blindness) is the complete loss of all vision, while partial vision loss is limited vision. People whose vision is worse than 20/200 even with eyeglasses or contact lenses are considered legally blind in the U.S. There are many, many causes of blindness and partial vision loss. Some are fixable and some are not.

Reversible Blindness Causes
Irreversible Blindness Causes
Partial Vision Loss Causes


Symptoms vary widely. Sudden loss of vision is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention.

Common symptoms associated with the leading causes of vision loss include:

  • Bleeding — Blood pooling in the eyes is a serious medical issue that requires immediate attention.
  • Pain — Eye pain or severe headache may accompany vision loss.
  • Vision changes — Blurry or double vision, difficulty seeing in low-light conditions (night blindness), intolerance to bright light, tunnel vision or loss of peripheral (side) vision could be an indication of more severe vision issues.

Treatment Options

Treatment of vision loss depends on the cause. Sometimes it is a fixable problem. Other times the goal is to simply prevent more vision loss. Your ophthalmologist will know what is needed.

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