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What Is Gastritis?

Gastritis occurs when the stomach lining becomes inflamed, irritated or eroded. Gastritis can happen suddenly or over time. There are several risk factors that can increase the likelihood of developing gastritis, including:

  • Excessive alcohol intake

  • Chronic vomiting

  • Stress

  • Long-term use of medication, such as aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs

  • Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a bacteria that lives in stomach lining

  • Bile reflux

  • Infection


The most common symptoms of gastritis include:

  • Abdominal pain and bloating

  • Nausea or vomiting

  • Recurrent upset stomach

  • Indigestion

  • Hiccups

  • Burning in stomach between meals or at night

  • Loss of appetite

  • Blood in vomit

  • Black, tarry stools

Treatment Options

If you suspect you have gastritis, schedule an appointment to see a gastroenterologist. A specialist will complete a thorough exam and take your medical and family history. Additional diagnostic tests may also be used to confirm gastritis.

Gastritis is generally easy to treat once your gastroenterologist understands the source and cause of your pain. Treatment may include:

  • Antacids – Reduce stomach acid and relieve symptoms with over-the-counter or prescription-strength antacids.

  • Adjusting diet – Avoiding certain foods, including hot and spicy food, dairy or gluten can help reduce symptoms.

  • Antibiotics – Prescription antibiotics can help kill infection-causing bacteria in the stomach.

  • Vitamins – B12 injections can help relieve symptoms of gastritis caused by pernicious anemia.

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