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Why Asthma Is Worse in Winter

During the colder months, asthma symptoms can be more difficult to control. Symptoms such as chest pain and coughing can worsen, even if you stay indoors. Find out more and what you can do to get relief.

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7 Tips for Living Comfortably with Oxygen at Home

Setting up home oxygen can feel overwhelming. These tips and practical advice will help you get comfortable using and maintaining your oxygen equipment at home.

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Spring Allergies vs. COVID-19: Learn the Difference

The signs and symptoms of spring allergies overlap with some of the symptoms of a COVID-19 infection. Use this helpful table to compare symptoms and tell the difference between the two.

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6 Tips for Pet Lovers to Manage Asthma & Allergy Symptoms

Is your furry friend triggering your asthma and allergies? Consider these strategies to help manage your symptoms.

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