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LGBTQ Health

Gender-Affirming Surgery

At Temple we honor the diversity of trans existence. Our gender-affirming surgeries are offered to all who are seeking to be affirmed in their gender—no matter where you are on the gender spectrum.

We offer a full spectrum of gender affirming surgeries and are dedicated to gender-affirming care that is holistic and empowering. We are here to champion you on your journey to living as your authentic self. 

At Temple you have an entire team of expert trans and gender diverse specialized surgeons, healthcare providers, and social workers devoted to supporting you as you navigate your gender affirmation journey based on your individual healthcare needs and goals. We are here to support your decision making by providing tools for you to take charge of your health and to answer your questions, provide resources, and support you every step of the way.      

We're proud to offer our patients:

  • Gender-affirming top surgeries
  • Facial gender confirmation surgery (FGCS)/facial feminization surgery (FFS)    
  • Vaginoplasty
  • Vulvoplasty
  • Orchiectomies
  • Non-invasive hysterectomies
  • Metoidioplasties 
  • Multi-stage phalloplasties

Gender-Affirming Surgery Process

Your process starts with an intake and information session to welcome you to our program. Our team of coordinators will help to schedule your appointments and support you with next steps.


We know that navigating insurance coverage can be confusing and challenging. Our team is here to help you understand the process by answering your questions and providing resources so that you can self-advocate. We accept Medicare, and most PA Medicaid plans and commercial insurances. We will confirm your insurance is accepted during registration. 

Insurance coverage and benefits are specific to each individual’s plan—not all insurance coverage is the same even within the same insurance company. To get more information on your specific coverage benefits, you can call the member services number listed on your insurance card and ask about the coverage specifics for the services you desire. You also have the right to request a copy of your medical policy. 

Meet Your Gender Affirming Program Manager

Dexter Rose (they/them pronouns)

As the gender affirming program manager, Dexter can connect you with gender affirming care coordinators, resources, referrals and information. Along with their team, they will also support you with next steps, and make sure you have answers for any questions or concerns that come up during your surgery process.

Pamela's Gender-Affirming Surgery Journey

After over 20 years of taking gender affirming hormones, Pamela (she/her pronouns) was ready to take a major step in her affirming journey. Hear from Pamela and her surgeon, Dr. Laura Douglass, about Temple's approach and the supportive and safe experience that Pamela had throughout her process.

Pamela's YouTube cover

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