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Jeanes Hospital

PFAC Members

Patient & Family Advisors

Florence Behr

I have come to know Jeanes Hospital from both sides. I became familiar with the hospital when my husband, Fred, was a patient. The care he received inspired me to become a Jeanes volunteer four years ago.

Being a volunteer in the main entrance at the front desk at Jeanes, I saw a need for improvements concerning the family’s ability to access certain services of the hospital, such as information, meals for visitors, and language. Serving as a PFAC advisor places me in a good position to bring their voices to the table, a place where other advisors and Jeanes staff members are meeting to address opportunities for improvement.

I have been married to Fred for 58 years and have four children, two of whom are nurses. We are also the proud grandparents of nine and great-grandparents of one

Mary Lana Finnerty, RN, CRNA (Retired)

Professionally, my nursing career began as a cardio-thoracic surgical nurse for three years. Four years later, my interest in anesthesia led me to becoming a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). As an educator and clinical Instructor at Nazareth Hospital School of Anesthesia in Philadelphia, I had the unique pleasure to help train fellow professional RNs in achieving their goals in becoming future CRNAs.

In a career spanning over forty years, I have worked in multiple areas and specialties in the healthcare arena. Being a patient myself and a healthcare professional, my interactions with multiple members of a healthcare team have allowed me to share experiences and to advise in a compassionate and professional manner. Throughout the past, I have served in many civic and community activities.

Personally, I have been married to my husband, Michael, for thirty- seven years. Our loving family consists of two married daughters, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren. They are the true beauty in our lives.

I joined the PFAC in order to share my experiences as a caregiver, patient and volunteer and to improve and facilitate the services provided to the patients of Jeanes Hospital.

Katie Hebert, MHA, BSRS, RT (R)(CT)(MR)

My first experience with Jeanes Hospital was in 2011 as a CT scan student. This hospital was my first CT clinical rotation, and I instantly fell in love with it and the organization. By this point in my education, I had already worked within numerous healthcare organizations, and I could see there was something different about Jeanes. The staff here just seemed to “get it” in regard to patient care.

It quickly became my goal to become a staff member here at Jeanes Hospital, and shortly after finishing my clinical rotation, that wish came true! I’ve been happily employed here as a CT/X-ray technologist ever since.

While I’m only 27 years of age, I have a vast history of being a patient. This allows me to understand why focusing on patient care is so critical. I was diagnosed with chronic patellar subluxation in both knees as an early teen, which meant my kneecaps dislocated frequently. Between ages 16 and 23, I had five major reconstructive knee surgeries to fix the mechanics of the problem; however, I suffer with daily chronic pain and physical limitations. I’ll also require knee replacements earlier than most. Additionally, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and generalized anxiety disorder at age 15. I have been undergoing treatment for these conditions since my diagnosis, although this hasn’t been an easy process. This is especially true because of the stigma associated with mental illness.

I bring a unique perspective to PFAC. My undergraduate studies focused on the clinical aspects of healthcare, my graduate studies focused on the management and financial aspects of healthcare, and, most importantly—I am both a patient and staff member. I understand what the process is like in many aspects. My hope is to be able to use this opportunity to bring all aspects of healthcare together—for patients, family/caregivers, and staff members alike.

Kathi McDonough

My first experience with Jeanes Hospital was in May 1996 when my mother had a massive heart attack. In subsequent years, she had several admissions related to her heart and in 2007, she was admitted for a stroke. Based on the quality and caring treatment my mother experienced, I selected Jeanes to be my provider for medical treatments.

Professionally, I had over 40 years of experience in health insurance working for several large healthcare companies, including 25 years with Independence Blue Cross. My experience included working as a compliance analyst in the legal department, where I was instrumental in the development and filing of the initial Personal Choice products. I also worked for 20 years as a manager in the provider contracts department in facilitating credentialing and contracting with all ancillary healthcare providers, including surgicenters, home health, hospice and skilled nursing facilities, as well as individual physician contracts.

Upon retiring in 2013, I felt a need to give back to the community and commenced volunteering at Jeanes Hospital and the Medical Mission Sisters. I also volunteer and serve on the board of the Friends of Ryerss Museum and Library.

Pat Miller

Jeanes Hospital has been providing excellent care for my family for over 40 years. From emergency surgery for my father-in law’s ruptured aortic aneurysm to continued coordinated care for my mother’s cancer, Jeanes has always been the hospital that my family relied upon time and time again. 

We have received state-of-the-art treatments from an attentive, devoted hospital staff. Wonderful, skilled doctors showed such concern that they would call me at night to check on my mother’s progress. That level of thoughtful compassion is extraordinary, especially in today’s medical climate.

After we lost my mother, I sought the opportunity to “give back” to Jeanes in some small way. I have been volunteering at the front desk since 2009. My varied skills help me to provide assistance, offer calm reassurance and provide directions to visitors who, for the most part, would rather be anywhere else than in a hospital. While hospitals can be terrifying and confusing, Jeanes does its best to alleviate those concerns. PFAC is a crucial component to meeting the goal of a caring, restorative hospital stay.

I have had a varied professional life. As a lifelong artist, I also worked in the property/casualty insurance industry for 10 years. After raising my children, I changed careers to education, primarily special education, and have been in that field for over 20 years. I have been married to my husband, Ted, for 45 years and have two children. My son works in the museum system in Portland, Oregon, and my daughter teaches middle school language arts in Brooklyn, New York.

Frances Pollock

Jeanes Hospital has been my family’s “go to” place for 40 years now. I have been employed here as an RN; delivered two babies; bid my dad good-bye; been an in-patient; used outpatient services; spent hours (days) in the ER; and visited hospitalized relatives and friends many times. I have also served on several committees and am currently a board member.

As I consider the countless interactions with the hospital itself and people attached to it, I am most struck by the sense of constancy I experience here, or why else would I rely so strongly on Jeanes? Thinking back, one extremely important intervention with me, as a family member, was a conversation I had with an empathetic, gentle pulmonary doctor in ICU when it appeared it would be necessary to disconnect my dad from life support. I experienced kindness and understanding from the nursing staff during some very difficult days, as well as from the pastoral care person after he passed away.

When I was invited to join the PFAC, I agreed to find out what it entailed. As I grew to understand the philosophy behind it, I was struck by its comprehensive view of health care. Since I have been a nurse for 50 years, and a family therapist for 30, I look at the concept from the inside and the outside.

Part of why I decided to switch careers to family therapy had something to do with my observations as a nurse. I thought of how many times a patient’s visitors would stand around the bed, looking lost and exhausted. It was obvious they required support and education, as they were often disconnected from information and decision making regarding the patient.

Later, I learned ways to include family/significant others along with the patient, which effectively intercepted problems. During this time, managed care took much decision making out of the hands of doctors. Everyone felt this shift, which made good communication paramount to all involved in patient care. I believe much of this is already accomplished by the Jeanes staff. Moving towards a more inclusive way of “getting everyone on the same page” is a goal worth realizing.

So, I serve on this committee, which aims to achieve a more fully integrated style of health care – where providers are experts in medicine, and patients and the people significant to them are experts on their lives.

Betty Lou Schoeller

As a Cheltenham resident for 65 years, Jeanes Hospital became our family’s hospital of choice many years ago. Throughout the decades, my parents, husband, children, and I have been patients. I have always been very impressed by the medical personnel, administration, volunteers, and facilities of Jeanes Hospital. 

The last few years I have had more frequent hospital visitations with my husband. The care he received during these surgeries and inpatient stays have once again confirmed my belief that Jeanes is a top-notch caring institution. The staff assisted me in navigating rehabilitation, home care and palliative care transitions with ease, support, and dignity. 

Previously I volunteered at Jeanes Hospital on a medical floor. My experience as a daughter, wife, mother, teacher, volunteer, grandmother, and caregiver have led me back to Jeanes Hospital again. My background has given me the perspective that I feel will be a value to the PFAC. 

Staff Advisors

Executive Sponsors

Dr. Rebecca Armbruster, Chief Medical Officer
Denise Frasca, Chief Nursing Officer, VP Patient Services

Lisa Donnelly, Business Development
Catherine Huck, Performance Improvement

Dwight McBee, Patient Experience
Cynthia Natalini, Palliative Care
Denise Nawalany, Rehabilitation & Orthopedics
Delinda Pendleton, PFAC Liaison
Rosemarie Schlegel, Volunteers
Kristen Smith, Performance Improvement
Maria Solitro, Inpatient Nursing
Dr. William Vemula, Hospitalists
Elizabeth Welsh, Emergency Department