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Primary Care Physicians at Chestnut Hill Family Medicine

Primary Care is Your First Step to Good Health

A primary care provider gets to know you and your health history. The knowledge and familiarity help personalize your care and establish a foundation of good communication. If you have a chronic condition, your primary care provider helps manage it — checking in with you, managing prescriptions, ordering tests — to help improve your quality of life.

Temple Health - Chestnut Hill Hospital's Primary Care Physicians are available to care for you and your family—close to home! Schedule an appointment by calling 800-TEMPLE-MED (877-589-0013) and ask for the location or physician of your choice.

Primary Care Physicians Near You

Temple Health Chestnut Hill Family Medicine

8815 Germantown Avenue, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19118
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Temple Health Chestnut Hill Family Medicine, Flourtown

811 Bethlehem Pike, Suite B232
Flourtown, PA 19031
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Temple Health Northwest Community Family Medicine, Wyncote

Cedarbrook Plaza, 1000 S. Easton Road, Suite 260
Wyncote, PA 19095
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Temple Health Northwest Community Family Medicine, Manayunk

10 Shurs Lane, Suite 203
Philadelphia, PA 19127 (Entrance on Jamestown)
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Begin Your Health Journey With Us

Your health is our utmost priority, and it all starts with that first conversation. Whether you’re seeking care for a chronic condition, looking to manage your wellness, or simply want the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a dedicated team at your side, we’re here to listen and guide you every step of the way.

Temple Health - Chestnut Hill Hospital's Primary Care team is eager to welcome you into our community of care. Call us now at 800-TEMPLE-MED (877-589-0013) to schedule your appointment.

About Primary Care

Temple primary care providers offer diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions, as well as preventive services, such as immunizations, screenings, wellness visits and patient education.

Frequently Asked Questions about Primary Care

Learn more about what to bring and what to expect when you visit.

What should I bring for my first appointment?

For your first appointment, bring your current prescription information or medical records from non-Temple Health System facilities. Complete a medical records release form to authorize the transfer of health records from another healthcare facility to us. Visit our Medical Record Forms page for this form and other forms in multiple languages.

What are my payment options, and do you offer financial assistance?

Visit the billing page of your preferred location for information on insurance, billing and payments.

We serve patients in difficult financial circumstances and offer financial assistance to those who have an established need to receive medically necessary services. Learn more about financial assistance options.

Can you provide a second opinion?

Yes — call the appointment number at your preferred primary care location. See What should I bring to my first appointment? for tips on how to prepare.

Do you have an after-hours number in case of emergency?

Always call 911 in case of emergency. For after-hours help with other issues, review our convenient care options.