Neurosciences Center

MDA/ALS Center of Hope

At the Temple MDA/ALS Center of Hope, we're helping people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and adults with muscular dystrophies improve their quality of life. The Center of Hope is where you get the specialized care you want and need in one place at each visit.

Research shows that treatment in a multidisciplinary center, such as Temple's Center for Hope, can help people with ALS live longer, more fulfilling lives. Our team of ALS physicians and specialists starts by providing an accurate diagnosis using state-of-the-art technology and advanced diagnostic procedures. They develop a care plan that uses the latest treatment to manage your disease and symptoms while also helping you reach the highest quality of life possible.

At the Center for Hope, we're also driven to find a cure. That's why our doctors are active in research and clinical trials. They're studying new medications and treatment ideas and leading the way in developing assistive devices and technology to help improve the lives of people living with ALS. Our research gives you access to clinical trials and treatments that aren't available at other hospitals.

A Team of Experts Focused on You

Every step of the way, you and your family have a team of specialists by your side, focused on your needs. Each visit to the Center of Hope includes an examination and time with specialists on your team — including your physician, nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist, mental health specialist, speech pathologist, nutritionist, social worker, and case manager.

Our team works together, monitoring your symptoms and needs. They also coordinate appointments and care with other medical specialists as well as connect your family with at-home care and assistive medical equipment, along with resources for the emotional support you and your family need along the way. Our team includes people devoted to more than treatment — we know we're caring for people, not just treating a disease. You can count on us at every stage.