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Neurosciences Center

Research & Clinical Trials

Neuroscience researchers reviewing sample

Seeking Answers & Treatments for Neurologic Diseases

Neurologic diseases are among the most challenging and mysterious conditions facing doctors and their patients today. Temple researchers have made it their life’s mission to unravel the causes of these diseases. Our goal is simple: to develop better tests and more effective treatments for the benefit of our patients with Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, AIDS dementia, and other neurologic disorders.

Research Focus Areas 

Temple doctors and researchers participate in a wide range of research programs and protocols aimed at advancing the treatment of neurological conditions. Our work spans the basic science laboratories of the Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University to patient bedside. 

Laboratory investigation into the causes and mechanisms of neurological disease takes place in several Temple research centers. Here, scientists work to open the doors to more effective and targeted treatments—from novel pharmaceuticals and biologicals to therapies with genes, stem cells, and medical devices. 

Additionally, Temple doctors and scientists participate in clinical trials, testing the effectiveness of new medications and innovative surgical techniques for treating neurological disorders. Through these clinical trials, we are able to provide patients with access to therapies that aren’t yet available at other centers.

For more information about clinical trials at the Temple Neurosciences Center, please ask your physician.

Learn more about our basic sciences and translational neurological research centers at the Lewis Katz School of Medicine: