Neurosciences Center

MDA/ALS Center of Hope Doctors and Care Team

At the Center of Hope, our multidisciplinary approach to care offers patients and their caregivers an opportunity for individualized and comprehensive care at each visit. This is a leading approach to enhance quality of life when living with ALS.

At the Center of Hope, your care team will include neurologists, a clinical nurse coordinator, a mental health specialist, an occupational therapist, a physical therapist, a speech/language pathologist, a nutritionist, a respiratory therapist, a patient services coordinator, and researchers.


Neurologists specialized in neuromuscular diseases and ALS. Center of Hope neurologists offer expert amyotrophic lateral sclerosis diagnosis. They will review your history, perform a neurological exam, and order diagnostic tests. During visits, they will answer questions, provide treatments, discuss clinical trials, and coordinate with your care team to optimize your treatment plan.

Clinical Nurse Coordinator

  • A clinical nurse coordinator who will ensure the best care during visits during visits and between appointments. 

Mental Health Specialist

  • A mental health specialist experienced with ALS to provide counseling to patients and their families, and connection to education and support groups and programming. 

Occupational Therapist

  • An occupational therapist (OT) to support as much independence as possible, safely. The OT will teach exercises to help maintain hand and arm movement and can recommend adaptive devices to prolong function.

Physical Therapist

  • A physical therapist (PT) also focuses on heling to maintain independence. The PT will address movements like adjusting in bed, getting in and out of chairs, walking, and using devices like a walker or wheelchair. The PT guides exercise and stretching with attention to strength and fatigue. 

Speech Language Pathologist

  • A speech language pathologist (SLP) who will monitor speaking and swallowing. The SLP can recommend communication assistive devices and can suggest diet modifications and safe swallowing techniques as needed.


  • A dietitian/nutritionist will support maintenance of adequate nutrition, essential for quality of life. 

Respiratory Therapist

  • A respiratory therapist (RT) who supports breathing function through exercises, recommending devices, and education for decisions around ventilators and tracheostomy.

Patient Services Coordinator

  • A patient services coordinator (PSC) who acts as a liaison between individuals, agencies and insurance companies. The PSC supports families in accessing services, medical equipment, paperwork and even transportation.


  • Researchers who are committed to improving the life of each person with ALS while driving advancements in treatment and care. Research at the Center of Hope includes clinical trials for advanced medications and clinical studies to improve disease understanding, both of which are critical to the pursuit of a cure for ALS