Digestive Disease Center

Therapeutic Endoscopy Program

When you have a condition or disease that affects your digestive tract, doctors with Temple's Therapeutic Endoscopy Program specialize in providing minimally invasive diagnostic and treatment procedures without using surgery. Using a minimally invasive approach may mean a quicker recovery and less risk of complications for you.

Endoscopy uses a thin, flexible tube with a tiny camera attached (called an endoscope) that's inserted into the mouth, nose or rectum. Specialists can see areas of your digestive tract and perform diagnostic tests. They can also perform surgical procedures using devices passed through the endoscope. Our program's advanced minimally invasive procedures focus on helping you get back to living a full life as quickly as possible.

Innovation in Minimally Invasive Treatment

Temple is leading the way in developing and performing new and advanced procedures and treatments. Our specialists were among the first in the region to treat gastrointestinal cancers using endoscopic techniques, and we now offer groundbreaking, minimally invasive treatments for pancreas and bile duct stones, bleeding in the digestive tract, and many more conditions. With Temple you also have access to some of the latest treatments and technology through clinical trials and research programs.

Some of the Most Experienced Endoscopists in the Region

When you choose Temple's Therapeutic Endoscopy Program, you're choosing the expertise of some of the Philadelphia area’s most experienced endoscopic specialists. As regional leaders who perform thousands of minimally invasive procedures each year, our specialists are dedicated to providing advanced care that helps you get back to feeling and living well as quickly as possible. Our focus is on you and the personalized care you need.

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