Digestive Disease Center

For Physicians

The Temple Digestive Disease Center is a leader in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, which affect one out of every three Americans. Because these diseases also claim 200,000 lives each year, accurate diagnosis and treatment are essential. Our continued research and large clinical practice allow us to apply the very latest techniques to treat even the most challenging patients.

Temple's state-of-the-art diagnostic techniques can also be combined with alternative modalities such as stress management, relaxation exercises, diet therapy, hypnotherapy and acupuncture.

One of the Nation's Most Comprehensive Centers

Your patients will have access to virtually every available endoscopic, manometric and endosonographic technique—plus some investigational diagnostic and therapeutic procedures not available elsewhere.

We bring together a wide variety of disciplines to help you deal with every aspect of gastroenterology:

  • Our innovations with ultra-high-frequency endosonography can vastly improve evaluation of vascular and neoplastic lesions.

  • Temple's expertise with Push/Sonde and capsule enteroscopy has made us one of only a few centers able to routinely use these techniques.

  • Our specialists are experienced and published in the fields of motility, endoscopy, endosonography, laser cancer therapy, sphincter motility with behavior modification, acid/peptic disorders, hepatology and the role of scintigraphy in gastroenterology.

At Temple, your patients will benefit from our fully equipped gastroenterology unit and physiology laboratory.

And, they'll appreciate our modern and spacious facility, occupying over 18,000 square feet on one entire floor of the Ambulatory Care Center. Our facility allows patients to get all facets of their care (e.g., office visits, testing, imaging, procedures, consultations with specialists, and educational classes) in one convenient location.

The close relationship with Temple's Departments of Radiology and Surgery also enables us to utilize specialized techniques for diagnosing and treating even the most complex disorders.

Our Commitment to Referring Physicians

We know that quality care requires not just expert diagnosis and management of complex conditions, but also good communication with referring physicians. Our approach is one of cooperative effort with you, providing timely, ongoing communication throughout therapy, until the patient is returned to your care.

Our Commitment to Education

As an academic medical center, we teach not only our own medical students, residents and fellows, but practicing family physicians and gastroenterologists as well.

Temple has trained many gastroenterologists in the use of endoscopy and laser palliation of malignancies, as well as the use of enteroscopy and the use of endoscopic ultrasound to evaluate gastrointestinal disorders. In fact, the first regional courses on these techniques were offered by Temple.