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Neurosciences Center

Movement Disorders Program

The Temple Movement Disorders Program helps patients with all types of movement disorders manage symptoms, control movements and live life as fully as possible. As one of the fastest-growing centers in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley for managing complex diseases of movement and coordination, we offer advanced diagnosis, treatment and support at several locations.

Movement disorders affect the nervous system — the brain, spine and nerves — and cause abnormal, slow or limited movement. When you can't control movements due to Parkinson's disease, tremors, tics, muscle spasms, or contractions, it can feel like you've also lost control of other parts of your life, too. We focus on treatment that helps you regain as much control of movements — and your life — as possible.

Our team provides an in-depth evaluation using the most advanced diagnostic tools and a neurologic exam. Just as important, we talk with you about your struggles and symptoms and how the condition is affecting you and your life. It's a comprehensive approach that helps us develop the right treatment plan for you and your goals.

We offer the newest approaches in treatment for movement disorders, including the newest medications, botulinum toxin (Botox®), deep brain stimulation and medication pumps. You also have access to innovative clinical trials.

A Specialized Team to Manage a Complex Condition

When you choose the Temple Movement Disorders Program, you have a team of specialists caring for you every step of the way. Our neurologists and neurosurgeons, working with physical therapists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation physicians, nurse specialists, genetic counselors, and speech and occupational specialists, are dedicated to improving the lives of people living with movement disorders, one person at a time. Our focus is on you and the best ways to help you overcome challenges and take control of your condition.