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Temple University Hospital – Main Campus

Mission & History

Temple University Hospital’s mission is to provide access to the highest quality of health care in both the community and academic settings. The hospital supports Temple University and its Health Sciences Center’s academic programs by providing the clinical environment and service to support the highest quality teaching and training programs for health care students and professionals, and to support the highest quality research programs. The hospital’s values are simple: Respect, Service and Quality.

Founded as Samaritan Hospital in 1892 by Temple University President Dr. Russell Conwell, Temple began life as a 20-bed hospital with one doctor and one nurse. The hospital’s mission was to provide free care for those unable to afford payment, regardless of race, nationality or creed. Today, Temple continues to uphold that mission but has grown into a nationally respected center of healing, caring, teaching and research. Although it uses the latest technology and treatments, its staff use one remedy that can never be replaced or improved: person-to-person caring.