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Head & Neck Institute

Conditions & Treatments

Your voice matters. Learn about how our Voice, Airway & Swallowing Center provides comprehensive treatment for upper airway disorders and conditions that may impact your speech, breathing or swallowing.

Conditions Treated

Airway Disorders

  • Airway stenosis: narrowing of the airway
  • Chronic cough: any cough that persists for four or more weeks
  • Complications of tracheotomy
  • Scarring in the airway

Voice Disorders

  • Nodules, polyps, cysts, sulcus, scarring and other benign lesions
  • Papilloma of larynx
  • Early cancers of the vocal folds
  • Paralyzed vocal folds
  • Spasmodic dysphonia (spasms of the larynx)
  • Chronic Laryngitis

Swallowing Disorders

Treatment Options

The Temple Voice, Airway & Swallowing Program offers a full range of treatment options, from helping your learn how to manage problems that affect your airway and throat through exercises and training, to minimally invasive surgical correction of your conditions.