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Temple University Health System Hospitals to be Honored at Philadelphia’s City Hall for Their Healthy Food Initiatives

Temple University Hospital, Temple University Hospital-Episcopal Campus and Jeanes Hospital are three of the six Philadelphia hospitals being honored at Philadelphia’s City Hall for their efforts to reduce and prevent chronic disease by serving fresh, local, healthy food to their patients, employees and visitors. The recognition ceremony will take place in Philadelphia City Hall in Room 201 on Wednesday, September 14 from 8 to 10 a.m.

The hospitals are being recognized for meeting high nutritional standards for salt, fat, sugar and fiber in their food service programs as part of the “Good Food, Healthy Hospitals” initiative, a voluntary program led by nonprofit local food distributor The Common Market and the city Health Department’s “Get Healthy Philly” initiative. Representatives from each hospital will be joined at the recognition ceremony by Thomas Farley, MD, MPH, Health Commissioner, City of Philadelphia; Cheryl Bettigole, MD, MPH, Director of Chronic Disease Prevention, Philadelphia Department of Public Health; and Tatiana Garcia Granados, founder and CEO, The Common Market.

Temple University Hospital (TUH) was the first Philadelphia hospital to complete the “Good Food, Healthy Hospitals” initiative’s Standard for Food and Beverages for patient meals. Among the changes it made are offering only 100% juice, increased low calorie beverages, and including more fresh salads and fruit, low-sodium soups and deli meats, fewer sugary desserts, and more vegetarian entrees on patient trays. TUH’s cafeteria also features both self-serve and full-serve salad bars. “We are committed to providing our patients, employees and visitors healthy food and beverage options and are proud of the changes we have made as part of this ongoing commitment,” says Joseph Moleski, Director of Hospitality and Nutrition Services at TUH.

Jeanes Hospital provides its employees and visitors with fresh local food from a weekly Farm Stand featuring food from local farms. A seasonal variety of fresh produce, herbs, homemade jams and butters, raw honey, eggs and cheeses, and other goods are available at the farm stand on Thursdays. The stand is operated and managed by the Jeanes Hospital Auxiliary, with The Common Market serving as the distributor. “The farm stand is in its fourth year and it keeps growing every year as it has attracted a loyal following of both community members and employees at Jeanes Hospital and Fox Chase Cancer Center,” says Nancy Baumann, Director of Nutrition and Hospitality at Jeanes and Fox Chase.

Temple University Hospital-Episcopal Campus offers sustainably produced, environmentally friendly farm products like free-range eggs, local yogurt and fresh vegetables. Those changes have made their way onto patient menus and into the hospital’s cafeteria offerings. “We have worked hard to incorporate the principles of the ‘Good Food, Healthy Hospitals’ initiative into our meals and we look forward to continuing to offer our patients, employees and visitors a wide variety of healthy food options ,” says Jim Puliti, Director of Hospitality and Nutrition Services at TUH-Episcopal Campus.

The “Good Food, Healthy Hospitals” initiative is a four year program funded by a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the city Health Department with technical assistance, educational resources and marketing support from The Common Market.

Date Published: Monday, September 12, 2016